Opal Collection

Ivmary’s, BlessUArts lead designer, own words:

…There was this girl I befriended in a summer camp who had a book called “The Blue Bead”. I borrowed the book from her and literally became attached to the wonders I found in it, but never had a chance to finish the book, as that girl left the camp soon after.

The magic of the unfinished book’s name and the enchantment that’s been filling its pages made me start looking for it, over and over again.

With the time I realized – it’s not the book that I seek, but the actual Magic of Life and Nature, expressed in various ways: oceans, mountains, stones. – …Which made me start my BlessUArts love story 10 years ago, a brand that is both
eco-friendly made and designed with an enormous passion about all things nature. Here, at BlessUarts I made many pieces with blue colored stones such as opal, blue topaz, turquoise.
Having been always fascinated with the blue Opals, I often use them throughout our various collections.

As the life went on many years after my summer camp story I found that book in one of my local bookshops. Childhood feeling of wonder was back and all this tempted me to create
the Opal Rose collection loved by so many. Glowing blue color of the Opals mixed with their glittering luster (bright ray of sunlight reflected in the sea) will bring the charm of your childhood back to you as they did to me.

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