Carnelian Collection

We at BlessUArts created this collection out of our love to Carnelian, a stone which is considered the stone of the noble and symbolizes abundance and prosperity. It is warm, full of light and brings a lot of happiness.
Its bright red-orange color stands for strength and energy, both physical and spiritual. Our lead designer Ivmary’s own words: “I wanted to express all the beauty of Carnelian, the smiling sun, and emphasize its healing characteristics while designing Carnelian Collection.”


Pomegranate Carnelian Necklace, the high spot of the collection, as far as its name goes, has a pomegranate shape, with a blazing Carnelian set in it (while both pomegranate and Carnelian are common symbols of success and life power, so their power is doubled).

So many times, we’ve heard from our customers how Carnelian jewelry bought from BlessUArts boosted their health, helped their love life and improved their job prospects. On the whole, it’s one of our bestsellers!

Follow this link to enter the Carnelian collection


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