Celebrate Your Femininity

Today we’d like to talk about Femininity.It is an innate attribute of almost every girl. A flower that blooms in youth and will blossom for a long time if it is cared for and cherished. Femininity is softness and warmth, care and tenderness.It gives a man a chance to show his best virtues,it gives a child a chance to be a child,it gives your friends a joy to feel at homesurrounded by beauty of a lady.You can learn femininity or bring it back into your life.At BlessUarts we fill our jewels with the womanly sparkle and highlight it with the

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Opal Collection

Ivmary’s, BlessUArts lead designer, own words: …There was this girl I befriended in a summer camp who had a book called “The Blue Bead”. I borrowed the book from her and literally became attached to the wonders I found in it, but never had a chance to finish the book, as that girl left the camp soon after. The magic of the unfinished book’s name and the enchantment that’s been filling its pages made me start looking for it, over and over again. With the time I realized – it’s not the book that I seek, but the actual Magic

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Carnelian Collection

We at BlessUArts created this collection out of our love to Carnelian, a stone which is considered the stone of the noble and symbolizes abundance and prosperity. It is warm, full of light and brings a lot of happiness. Its bright red-orange color stands for strength and energy, both physical and spiritual. Our lead designer Ivmary’s own words: “I wanted to express all the beauty of Carnelian, the smiling sun, and emphasize its healing characteristics while designing Carnelian Collection.” Pomegranate Carnelian Necklace, the high spot of the collection, as far as its name goes, has a pomegranate shape, with a

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Floral Collection

Did you know that Abalone Shell has the energy of Nature, Ocean, Sky and Forest inside? And like the Ocean of positive vibes it cleanses your thoughts and feelings. Its color ranges from bright blue to intense green, adding to the shimmering glow of mother of pearl, thus creating the gamma of colors so powerful that it is able to heal your body and mind and improve your mood. We at BlessUArts always distinguish the Abalone Shell for its magic of color play, incredible beauty and unique pattern and texture. This gemstone increases tolerance, empathy and love energy. It is

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Romantic Collection

It’s Valentine’s!:) Candle light dinners, fireplace nights, tender music: “We played our part, now let us show you the shape of our hearts” (as the incredible Backstreet Boys sing). Gentle and delicate, flashy and handsome, our silver hearts are complete with glittery blue Opals inside them. Open wide to your dear ones, almost whispering “I’m thinking of you”, they make a meaningful gift and bring recollections from childhood: sparkly blue sky and silvery moon. Classics made into novelty these gifts soften the hearts of your loved ones. Thus, as another classic (by Madonna!) rhymes: If I could melt your heart,

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